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She is the winner of the Novelties in Biomarkers award

Olink Holding has announced the 2022 winner of the young researchers’ award, Novelties in Biomarkers, Maria Martin-Grau at the University of Valencia, Spain.

Novelties in Biomarkers is an annual award established in 2019 by Olink Proteomics with the purpose of encouraging and motivating young scientists in the use of biomarker discovery in their research.

“To learn proteomics today, young researchers from different continents need more and equal opportunities to interact with senior scientists. The Novelties in Biomarkers award is Olink’s response to address the skills gap and secure future competence within the discipline. As a company it is important for Olink to have its ear on the ground and celebrate some of the very best young researchers in the field,” said Henk Mouthaan, Vice President Sales and Marketing EMEA, Olink.

Biomarkers in 2023: Emerging applications

This year’s theme, Biomarkers in 2023: Emerging applications, attracted over 30 abstract submissions, with participants representing countries from five continents (Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, South America). The abstracts cover more than ten different fields including Infectious diseases, Neurology, Metabolism, Cardiology, Oncology, Hepatology. The scientific committee judging the award comprised Professor Alexandre Mebazaa, Chair of the meeting (Paris, France), Professor Antoni Bayes-Genis (Barcelona, Spain), Doctor Jane-Lise Samuel, chair of the Jury (Paris, France), Professor Jelena Čelutkienė (Vilnius, Lithuania) and Professor Camille Gobeaux (Paris, France).

“Proteomics is still a relatively new and rapidly growing field of research. However, the sharp rise in demand for proteomics has created a global shortage of skilled researchers within the field. Universities alone cannot supply the competence that the world is demanding,” said Professor Alexandre Mebazaa, vice-dean for international affairs at the faculty of health department of the Université de Paris, Head of anesthesia and critical care of the Saint Louis-Lariboisière – Fernand Widal University Hospitals and Director of Inserm-MASCOT research group. “Innovative institutional and industry initiatives are essential to encourage young researchers to explore the new frontiers of proteomics and translate these for clinical use. The Novelties in Biomarkers award is a pioneering award that sets an example for this entire field of research, and the huge interest in the award is a testament to that.”

The Biomarkers of the Future conference

The winner was announced at the Biomarkers of the Future conference in Paris, France. The conference brings together international key opinion leaders along with young fellows, senior researchers, and industry partners, all focusing on biomarker discovery and research. The meeting is directed to the application of high-throughput targeted proteomics as a key tool to understand biology and pathophysiology, as well as identify protein biomarkers for early diagnosis and progression of major complex diseases.

The conference is supported by Olink Proteomics. The institutional partners are Université de Paris, Institut de science cardiovasculaire, Institut national de la santé et de la recherche médicale (Inserm), Investigation Network Initiative-Cardiovascular and Renal Clinical Trialists (INI-CRCT), GREAT Association (Global research on acute conditions team).

Photo of Maria Martin-Grau: the University of Valencia