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SynAct completes patient recruitment to Phase 2a study

Clinical trial

SynAct Pharma completes patient recruitment to the Phase 2a BEGIN study of AP1189 in early severe Rheumatoid Arthritis.

With all patients included into the study, dosing will be concluded in October with the last patient’s safety follow-up visit to be conducted in November, states the company. SynAct therefore anticipates releasing top-line study data by end of November 2021.

“We hope that it further establishes the potential of AP1189”

“I am glad that we now can announce that the last patient has been enrolled. Recruitment during the pandemic was challenged by a lower rate of referrals to investigator clinics as well as local COVID-19 measures that put constraints on activities related to clinical trials. We kept recruitment open until the targeted number of patients were randomized to, hopefully, ensure statistical significance in the full data set. We are excited to see the full data and hope that it further establishes the potential of AP1189 in the treatment of RA,” says Thomas Jonassen, CSO of SynAct Pharma. “Ongoing safety challenges with key classes of RA therapeutics underscore the need for new treatment modalities. We believe that AP1189 has the ability to resolve chronic or excessive inflammation like that seen in this trial and hopefully avoid the safety issues encountered with other therapies.”

Photo: iStock