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The FDA extends the PDUFA goal date for Calliditas’ NDA


Calliditas Therapeutics has announced that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has extended the PDUFA goal date for its New Drug Application (NDA) seeking accelerated approval for Nefecon to December 15, 2021.

In March 2021 Calliditas filed for FDA approval using the Accelerated Approval Program, based on the proteinuria endpoint as previously discussed with the Agency, reflecting data from the 200 patients in Part A of the NefIgArd trial.

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Extended the goal date to December 15, 2021

In its review of the NDA, the FDA has requested further analyses of the NeflgArd trial data which the company has provided to the FDA. The Agency has classified these analyses as a major amendment to the NDA. The amendment mainly provides additional eGFR and other related analyses as further support of the proteinuria data provided in the NDA submission. The FDA has therefore extended the PDUFA goal date to December 15, 2021.

“Our NDA for Nefecon is the first time that the FDA is considering an approval on the basis of proteinuria as a surrogate endpoint for accelerated approval in IgA nephropathy, requiring an in-depth review process. We will continue to cooperate closely with the FDA as they complete the review of our NDA,” says Renée Aguiar-Lucander, CEO at Calliditas.

Photo of Renée Aguiar-Lucander