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AMRA collaborates with Human Longevity


The two companies have made a new agreement that will see AMRA’s body composition profiling added to HLI’s premier health assessment, the Health Nucleus experience.

“This is an exciting day for AMRA, as we take a significant step forward in our journey to advance the cause of precision medicine and preventive care. We hope that our body composition profiling, combined with HLI’s cutting-edge digital health assessments, will set the standard for the future of personalized healthcare,” says Tommy Johansson, Chief Executive Officer of AMRA.

The Health Nucleus integrates genomics, metabolic profiling and other clinical testing with whole body and brain magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), which now includes the body composition profiling provided by AMRA. According to the companies, this solution empowers patients to take control of their own health by proactively planning to stay ahead of aging and illness.

“The HLI Health Nucleus has been positively impacting people’s lives for three years by giving them and their physicians access to some of the most comprehensive health testing available today,” said J. Craig Venter, PH.D., HLI’s CEO. “While we have been piloting AMRA’s body composition profiling for over a year, we are excited to now offer their unique modality to all our Health Nucleus clients. We believe this will provide an additional and valuable layer of powerful insight into a person’s metabolic status.”

Photo: Body Images on Screen, AMRA 2016