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Atlas Antibodies enters agreement with T-Cure Bioscience

Nille Klæbel

The two companies have announced a collaborative agreement for the development, manufacture, and supply of CT83 (KK-LC-1) mAb.

These will be used to develop a diagnostic test to identify tumors that express KK-LC-1. Patients with KK-LC-1 positive tumors may be eligible inclusion in clinical trials of a KK-LC-1 targeted T-Cell therapy, state the companies.

“We are delighted to start this collaboration with T-Cure Bioscience. It reflects one of our new business models of deploying our highly validated monoclonals through contract manufacturing in which both parties are enabled to focus on their core competencies,” says Nille Klæbel, Chief Executive Officer at Atlas Antibodies. “We are convinced that this creates a win-win situation for both parties.”


The agreement

Under the terms of the agreement, Atlas Antibodies will provide all manufacturing and product supply for KK-LC-1 mAb for the companion diagnostic for clinical development. T-Cure is developing TCR-T therapeutics targeting Kita-Kyushu Lung Cancer Antigen 1 (KK-LC-1) for gastric, triple negative breast cancer, cervical, lung and other KK-LC-1 positive cancers.

T-Cure plans to develop the companion diagnostic assay to identify KK-LC-1 positive cancer patients for inclusion in the company sponsor clinical trial planned for 2022.

Photo of Nille Klæbel: Atlas Antibodies