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AZ Developing Blood-Thinner Antidote

While sales of AstraZeneca’s blood-thinner Brilinta have been growing, the company has started a preclinical development program on a potential Brilinta antidote, now known as MEDI2452.

If it works, the antidote could quickly reverse the effects of the blood thinner in an emergency, such as a person having a major bleeding episode. Doctors would not be able to wait for the effects of the blood thinner to wear off.

“AZ is studying Brilinta for long-term use in patients with acute coronary syndrome. It’s currently approved for 12 months of treatment after an ‘ACS event,’ like a heart attack. An antidote could help Brilinta win safety points for eventual FDA approval for long-term use,” according to an article on Fierce Pharma.