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Denmark and Sweden join international collaborative program

Three regions from Denmark and Sweden are joining a prestigious international collaborative program announced by the Massachusetts Life Sciences Center.

The partnering entities from Denmark and Sweden are Region Hovedstaden, Region Sjælland, Region Skåne, COBIS, Medicon Village and CAPNOVA.

“We are very pleased that our regions now are a part of a program that gives Danish and Swedish projects a vast opportunity to collaborate with Boston based companies,” comments Pia Kinhult, First Governor of Region Skåne. “In turn we are providing access to one of Europe’s strongest life science cluster with a highly specialized scientific talent pool and advanced research within some of the most commercially attractive disease areas, such as cancer, diabetes, inflammation and neuroscience as well as diagnostics.” She adds, “By supporting this type of partnerships amongst companies in our regions we are also paving way for the next generation of breakthrough technologies.”

The ICIP also provides joint funding to stimulate and promote the development of new products or processes for commercialization. Danish and Swedish life science projects can now partner up with a Massachusetts based company and receive co-funding of $75,000 to $500,000, a sum awarded to the best life science projects.

“We are excited to welcome the regions to the second year of the ICIP program,” says Dr. Susan Windham-Bannister, Ph.D., & CEO of Massachusetts Life Sciences Center. “Not one country or region can on its own address the urgent health challenges that still face our global community and we are pleased to be partnering with one of the worlds leading regions in live sciences innovation.”

A consortium between the three science parks will operate the program: Copenhagen Bio Science Park in Copenhagen, Medicon Village in Lund and Capnova in Roskilde which all will provide companies applying for ICIP with networks, funding and business development services.

“With generous support from the three regions as well as Massachusetts Life Science Center we can now offer biotech companies a brand new platform for establishing joint partnerships across the Atlantic. Not only will this boost the individual companies but at the same time it will allow for Medicon Valley as a whole to flourish.” adds Mai-Britt Zocca, Copenhagen Bio Science Park.

The agreement signed is in effect as of March 13 and runs until December 31st, 2015.

Source: Invest in Skåne