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FrostPharma strengthens its product portfolio

Cecilia Bröms-Thell

FrostPharma has entered an agreement with STEROP, bringing 5 additional products to the current FrostPharma portfolio.

The deal encompasses commercial rights, including distribution and market authorization rights for the included products, states the company in a press release.

“FrostPharma has showed a very strong development since the start in 2017 and we have continuously reinvested the profits to build the portfolio with value-added products, allowing us to bring beneficial treatment options across multiple disease areas to our markets. With this agreement we will further strengthen the long-term outlook for FrostPharma’s future growth in all the Nordic countries,” says CEO Cecilia Bröms-Thell.


The expected sales for the products included in the agreement with STEROP will contribute significantly to the growth of FrostPharma already in the near-term perspective, the company states.

Photo of Cecilia Bröms-Thell: FrostPharma