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Gedea Biotech selected for grant funding from the EIC

The European Innovation Council (EIC) has announced that Gedea Biotech has been selected for the EUR 2.5 million EIC Accelerator grant for the continued development and commercialization of pHyph, an antibiotic free treatment for vaginal infections.

The funding will accelerate the development of pHyph, bringing this treatment earlier to patients in need, states Gedea Biotech.


pHyph is an antibiotic-free treatment for both bacterial and fungal vaginal infections that affect >400 million women every year. pHyph has shown a clinical cure rate for bacterial vaginosis in line with antibiotics on the market, with a superior safety profile and without causing secondary VVC infections, a common side effect of antibiotics, states the company. The results for fungal vaginal infections are promising, they state further.

“Being selected in this highly competitive EIC Accelerator process is yet another proof of the importance of supporting women’s health and a quality stamp of our work in developing antibiotic-free treatment options for common female infections,” says Annette Säfholm, CEO of Gedea Biotech. “The funding will strengthen Gedea and allow us to support our “go-to-market” efforts in all aspects of pHyph development.”

Photo of Annette Säfholm