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Lars Lidgren receives the OREF Clinical Research Kappa Delta Award


BONESUPPORT announces that its founder Lars Lidgren has received the 2017 OREF Clinical Research Kappa Delta Award.

The OREF Clinical Research Kappa Delta recognizes outstanding clinical research related directly to musculoskeletal disease or injury. Henrik Malchau, MD, PhD, part of the Swedish and US group, will present the study “Arthroplasty Implant Registries Over The Past Five Decades: Development, Current and Future Impact”

“I’m delighted that clinical research on joint replacements, one of the most common surgical procedures today, has gained this very prestigious award. I am confident that our long term research based on arthroplasty registries will continue to help shape the development of new innovative technologies to provide patients with improved orthopaedic outcomes,” said Lars Lidgren.