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“Love Chemistry” aims to highlight chemistry as an industry of the future

Älska kemi Universeum

The Science Center Universeum in Gothenburg has together with BASF inaugurated a new chemistry lab in order to increase knowledge about chemistry and increase the understanding of its role in our society as a solution for a sustainable future.

Chemistry is a strong export for Sweden, standing for 17 % of the country’s export, but the area is facing a great challenge in finding the right competencies. The need for competent staff is increasing while the number of examinations from chemistry technical educations is decreasing.

“Chemistry is an industry of the future which both deserve and needs to be highlighted . There is too little debate about chemical innovations and system solutions is needed in order to to create a sustainable future. With Älska kemi/Love Chemistry and the project Kemilabbet/Chemistry Lab we want to offer a scientific substantial educational environment which encourages exploration of how chemistry actually affects and helps us, both today and in the future,” says Carina Halvord, CEO of Universeum.

“With this effort we want to contribute to a better understanding of what chemistry means for our society  and our future. The chemical industry faces a great challenge in finding competent staff which is expected to increase. The industry needs a young and driven workforce,” says Mark Meier, CEO of BASF Nordic/Balticum.

The chemistry lab of 120 squaremetres is an environment where students, teachers and the public may experiment and try out chemistry in a playful way. The goal is to during 2017-2019 welcome 7 000 students and provide in-service training for teachers.

Kemilabbet Universeum

Photo: Universeum