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New app helps psoriasis sufferers


A new Danish app helps sufferers of psoriasis and psoriasis arthritis by tracking their disease over time.

The Danish information association for psoriasis, Psoriasisforeningen, has developed a new app to help psoriasis sufferers keep track their disease and take preventive measures and alleviate their symptoms when their disease breaks out.

In the app, called PsoMentor, users can track the development of their disease over time by making daily registrations of their skin condition using a range of parameters – redness, itchiness, size of blemishes, location of blemishes, as well as the condition of their hair, nails, and joints. The user can also register sleep habits, diet, stress levels, and mood. Based on the input, the app produces charts that illustrate correlations between the user’s lifestyle habits and outbreaks in disease and thereby enable him or her to take preventive measures in their lifestyle to keep outbreaks under control.The app also enables users to meet peers in the app-based community to share tips and tricks and find support.