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Norwegian health technology companies invited to Capitol Hill

capitol hill

For the first time Norwegian health technology companies have been invited to Capitol Hill in Washington DC, USA.

This historical event has been made possible by the Friends of Norway Caucus with Congressman Larsen and American Defense International (ADI), and with support from Innovation Norway.

Small and innovative Norwegian companies demonstrated the latest and best technology for health and had access to a wide array of decision makers from both the public and private healthcare sector. This unique opportunity could open doors for the invited companies to the global health technology market through partnership with the US government and the military health system. The quality seal such a partnership entails is of unsurpassed value for these companies trying to succeed internationally.

This event was not just important for the four companies that have been invited to the Capitol, it also gave Norway and our health technology business a foot print in one of the world’s most competitive markets and benefits more than the attendees.

“Being invited to these powerful corridors of Capitol Hill is a great opportunity for the Norwegian companies attending. It’s also a recognition of the innovation level and quality Norwegian health technology represents. At Innovation Norway we are eager to see even more Norwegian companies enter the international and American markets, and this meeting is a milestone and a true encouragement,” said Anita Krohn Traaseth, CEO of Innovation Norway.

The companies invited were: Hucon Global Ltd – Human factors assessment platform technology, Otivio AS – Novel treatment of peripheral arterial disease: healing chronic wounds and preventing surgical intervention, Skannex AS – Diagnostic software and instruments for reading of Rapid Tests and Smartfish AS – Nutrition drinks, drinks for special medical purposes and for active people and elite athletes

Source: Oslo Medtech