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Orion invests EUR 17 million in its production plants in Turku

Liisa Hurme

Orion upgrades the operations of its pharmaceutical plant in Turku by investing in a new cancer drug packaging line and by expanding its cream production department.

The company is also building a new pure water system and district heating centre for the plant. The investments are due to the growing demand of the products, and their total value is EUR 17 million.

Enable growth as the demand for the products is increasing

The Orion plant in Turku produces cytostatic cancer drugs, which are sold globally. Through the investments, the cancer drug department at the plant will be upgraded by adding a blister packaging line to the production chain, alongside the existing bottle lines. The production volumes in the cream and ointment department have also increased steadily over the years. Now Orion invests in expanding and modernising the facilities. The department manufactures basic creams and medical creams. In addition, especially the veterinary ointments and liquid medicines are made for international markets. The production volumes of the veterinary creams and liquid medicines are expected to increase due to new product launches in the near future.


“The main reason for the investments is to enable growth as the demand for our products is increasing. We need more space and capacity, and technologies will also be replaced with newer ones. The new blister packaging meets both the wishes of the patients and the future requirements of pharmaceutical authorities around the world,” says Liisa Hurme, Senior Vice President, Global Operations at Orion.

Orion’s energy programme

The new district heating centre is part of Orion’s energy programme. The programme aims for significant cost savings in energy consumption, as well as a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 75% by the year 2025.

Invested around EUR 160 million in its production plants in Finland

All the investment projects are already in progress and the construction work begins in November. The contractors implementing the work will have more than 50 people working full time for the projects. Orion has around 700 employees in Turku, of whom more than 400 work in production.

“Over the past five years, Orion has invested around EUR 160 million in its production plants in Finland,” Liisa Hurme says.

Photo of Liisa Hurme: Orion