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She is the new Interim Director General of SwedenBIO

Frida Lawenius SwedenBIO

Frida Lawenius, who has been Deputy Director General of SwedenBIO since January 2020, brings experience from both political influence and strategic development into her new role.

”Frida Lawenius is an experienced leader who is well driven in the life science industry’s needs and in the daily operations of SwedenBIO’s office. She also has cultivated well-functioning relations with key persons within and outside SwedenBIO’s membership circle. In our dynamic industry we need a flexible SwedenBIO that can meet existing and new challenges that the companies are facing. With her good knowledge of the members’ and the office’s needs, the board have full confidence in Frida in her new role,” says Lotta Ljungqvist, Chair of SwedenBIO’s Board.

Read a longer interview with Frida Lawenius in our Careers Newsletter – Out Monday September 19th!

SwedenBIO’s previous CEO, Helena Strigård, leaves the organization after five years (three as Director General). She will remain within the life science sector and will start a new position in the beginning of October. She will however remain in the organization until the end of the month and be a part of the NLSDays event, that she leads together with Olivier Duchamp-Giudicelli.

Photo of Frida Lawenius: Alexandra Hoegberg/SwedenBIO