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Thermo Fisher moves into OCC

oslo cancer cluster incubator

Thermo Fisher Scientific will rent over 800m2 in the Oslo Cancer Cluster Incubator.

Thermo Fisher Scientific is expanding and during the first quarter of 2016 the entire management team, production team and parts of the R&D milieu will move to the Oslo Cancer Cluster Incubator. The company plans to create a creative Google-like environment with a particular focus on diagnostics and the development of new treatments using cancer immunotherapy.

“We are really pleased that Thermo Fisher Scientific chooses to move into Oslo Cancer Cluster Incubator. The company, which initially was established as Dynal in 1986, has played a vital role in Norwegian biotech with the development of «Dynabeads» that is used all over the world. Their record of accomplishment of bringing innovative products to the market is impressing. For the environment in the incubator it is crucial to have a global, experienced actor present, says Bjørn Klem, CEO Oslo Cancer Cluster Incubator.

“Thermo Fisher´s «Dynabeads» is used in basic research, in billions of diagnostic tests as well as in immunotherapy all over the world. Innovation and further applications is developed in close collaboration with research environments, clinics and industrial partners. Oslo Cancer Cluster has become one of the leading innovation clusters and we would like to take an active role in further developing the cluster. We think that co-localisation with the milieu in the incubator will be a catalyst for our growth and innovation in the future, says Ole Dahlberg,” CEO Thermo Fisher Scientific in Norway.

Source: Oslo Cancer Cluster