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Three danes on top 10 of young biotech entrepreneurs


The three Danish entrepreneurs are:

Andreas Laustsen, CEO, VenomAb. He has already founded 3 Biotech companies before his 30s: Biosyntia, VenomAb and Antag. He raised a total of 5 million euros for these ventures even though he just finished his PhD. Not a problem for him, he is already working on a fourth company coming soon.

Hans Genee, Co-founder & CSO, Biosyntia. He co-founded Biosyntia with Andreas and few other founders. His SynBio venture offers high-performance biocatalysts for fermentation of fine chemicals. He previously did his PhD at the Danish Technical University (one of the top centers for SynBio in Europe) and was visiting scientist at Harvard.

Habib Frost, Founder & CEO, Neurescue. He is an Entrepreneur, Inventor, Researcher and Physician. He founded Neurescue, which is developing a computer-controlled catheter for the greatly improved treatment of cardiac arrest. He graduated as the youngest Medical doctor in Denmark at the age of 23.

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