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Using Heart Rate Variability

Heart rate analytics technology developed by Firstbeat measures heart rate variability, which can be part of digital models of users’ physiology.

The analytics provide data on different body functions. The model helps to turn heart rate data into personalized feedback on users’ wellbeing and performance and helps them to better understand their bodies, according to Firstbeat CEO Joni Kettunen.

“There are many things in the body that affect heart rate variability. Our physiological modeling-based technology enables users to get accurate and rich information on what is really happening in the body. We can see the level of stress, recovery and oxygen consumption as well as how exercise affects performance,” explains Kettunen. “We can offer nearly laboratory level data without the use of a laboratory.”

Firstbeat’s roots are in Finland’s Research Institute for Olympic sports in Jyväskylä, central Finland. At the turn of the millennium the institute studied how methods used by athletes could be used to assess stress and recovery levels in everyday life. Firstbeat was established in 2002 to transform this research into technology that anyone could use to improve their wellbeing.

Source: Firstbeat