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Vaccibody finalizes patient enrolment in Phase I/IIa trial

Michael Engsig

Vaccibody has reached the enrolment target of 50 patients and has finalized recruitment of patients to all study arms of its ongoing VB N-01 phase I/IIa clinical trial of the personalized VB10.NEO neoantigen cancer vaccine.

“VB10.NEO is a groundbreaking approach to personalized cancer treatments and has a large commercial potential. We are thus very excited to have reached this important milestone for the VB N-01 trial. The initial clinical results presented at SITC in November 2019 were very encouraging and we will communicate the next steps in the development of VB10.NEO in Q4 2020,” says Michael Engsig, CEO of Vaccibody.


VB N-01 is a basket trial for patients with locally advanced or metastatic melanoma, non-small cell lung carcinoma, clear renal cell carcinoma as well as urothelial cancer or squamous cell carcinoma of the head and neck. In the trial the safety, feasibility and efficacy of treatment with the personalized VB10.NEO vaccine is evaluated, including one study arm evaluating the combination of VB10.NEO and bempegaldesleukin (NKTR-214) in patients with head and neck cancer. The trial has been recruiting patients from seven clinical sites in Germany.

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“We are truly grateful to the patients for participating in the trial, to our investigators at the clinical trial sites, our supply chain partners and the dedicated Vaccibody team who has done a great job by finalizing the enrolment and ensuring successful manufacture of the patient specific VB10.NEO products despite the challenging COVID-19 situation. Further, we are pleased that the recruitment of patients distributes well across all of the six treatment arms,” says Siri Torhaug, Chief Medical Officer of Vaccibody.

Photo of Michael Engsig: Vaccibody