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A new sewage plant for removal of pharmaceutical waste inaugurated in Sweden

Stengården Foto Stefan Pauli Sankilampi

IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute and Simrishamn Municipality have tested a completley new treatment system that has now been added to the Stengården sewage plant in Simrishamn, Sweden.

“Removing pharmaceutical residues from the water means great environmental advantages. If we succeed we will have an innovative export product which can benefit the environment around the world,” says Staffan Filipsson at IVL.

The development project which started at the end of 2014 has received funding from Vinnova. In previous studies IVL has together with collaborators tested a number of techniques for treating pharmaceutical residues, recycling water and producing energy, phosphorus and other nutrients.

In the current last steps of the project the majority of the outward water from the plant will be purified in the new system where several different treatment techniques are used; disk filtration, ozone treatment followed by sand filter or active carbon. The evaluation that is ongoing will now hopefully show that the water is so pure that it can be restored in the cycle through infiltration in the groundwater.

Photo: Stefan Pauli Sankilampi