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Bio-Me and Siolta Therapeutics to collaborate


Microbiome Dx company Bio-Me and Siolta Therapeutics have entered into a collaboration and marketing agreement.

Under the agreement, Siolta will provide both samples and insights into key criteria for Bio-Me to develop a rapid, detailed and comprehensive diagnostic test for infants at risk of developing allergy and asthma, they state. The test will be offered to parents of new-borns in order to help them take preventive steps to minimize the risk of their infant developing serious allergic and asthmatic conditions later on in life. The test will further help Siolta identify and monitor patients eligible for their live biotherapeutic therapy currently under development.

“We are really excited about this collaboration with Siolta which gives us access to world-leading science into microbiome contributors to the development of allergy and asthma”, comments Morten L. Isaksen, Founder, and CEO of Bio-Me. “By combining this knowledge with our detailed and targeted Precision Microbiome Profiling (PMP) platform, we will be able to provide a novel and powerful prognostic test in this important market.”