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Camurus, Braeburn Enter Deal


Camurus and Braeburn Pharmaceuticals announced that they have entered into an exclusive license agreement for the long-Camurus buprenorfinprodukt, CAM2038, for the treatment of opiate dependence and pain. Braeburn receive exclusive licensing rights in North America and an option for Japan, Korea, Taiwan and China. Camurus retains all rights in the rest of the world. 

Under the agreement, Camurus receives an initial cash payment of $20 million. In addition, the company has the right to development-related milestones of $35 million for opiate addiction, and $21 million for pain. Camurus also has the right to a two-digit number royalty on Braeburns’s production sales as well as $75 million in sales-related milestone payments. 

Camurus’s long acting buprenorfindepå could mean a new treatment paradigm for individuals addicted to heroin or opioid drugs. The product was developed in two variants for once a week or once a month dosage. In addition to freeing patients and health professionals from the burden of daily medication doses, CAM2038 has been developed to minimize the risks of abuse connected to a daily pill dosage. 


 “The agreement with Braeburn brings together two companies with a shared vision and strong commitment. We get synergy and can effectively develop and market our long-buprenorfinläkemedel in the global market. The partnership means that we can effectively drive the phase 3 trials for the registration of new effective and safe treatment option for people suffering from substance abuse and chronic pain, “says Fredrik Tiberg, president and research director for Camurus.