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Celebrating 20 Years of UK-Nordic Innovation and Investment

The 20th Anniversary edition of the Anglonordic Life Science Conference took place on 17-18 April in London at the majestic County Hall near Waterloo Bridge. A record attendance of over 350 delegates smashed previous records and demonstrated the ever-growing ties between the UK, the Nordic region and other parts of Europe.

Year after year, the conference has served as a bridge between European investors, connecting pioneering R&D companies across Northern and other parts of Europe. The meeting was organised by BioPartner UK, the independent, accredited trade organisation that supports UK international trade – a guiding force behind international partnerships and business development (BD); M Ventures, which invests in biotechnology and technology companies addressing challenging diseases, research and information challenges, and sustainability issues; Optimum Strategic Communications; Biotechnology Business Institute (BBI); and Ezenze Ltd.

The spirit of Anglonordic shone brighter than ever before, pulsating with excitement and camaraderie as industry leaders gathered at the Reception to celebrate 20 years of the Anglonordic conference, held at the London Institute of Healthcare Engineering on the evening of 17th April. Mattias Johansson, Co-Founder, and Hakan Goker, Conference Chair, took the stage, sharing a heartfelt tribute as they raised their glasses in a toast to the enduring spirit of invention and cross-regional collaboration that has defined the conference’s legacy.


It was an exciting space in which young companies pitched, met with investors and potential partners, and discussed a number of important issues such as the future of BD, novel approaches and targets in neurodegeneration, trends in life science investments, and the latest in cell and gene therapies. Throughout the event, every panel discussion crackled with debate, as industry luminaries shared their perspectives on the most pressing issues facing the life sciences landscape, namely on Neurodegeneration, Cell and Gene Therapies and Life Science Investments. The keynote speech by Dr. Shaun Grady from AstraZeneca resounded with wisdom and vision, offering glimpses into the future of healthcare and biotechnology.

With its time-honoured format of timely and exciting panel discussions, illuminating company presentations, dynamic technology showcases, and dedicated biotech investment chambers, not to mention invaluable 1:1 partnering meetings, this year’s conference exceeded expectations, adding an unparalleled layer of value to the European life sciences landscape.

Emerging companies took centre stage at the pitch presentations to showcase their ground-breaking ideas and transformative technologies. From cutting-edge therapies to revolutionary diagnostics, the breadth and depth of brilliance on display were impressive indeed.

Beyond the formalities of the programme, the moments between sessions truly captured the essence of Anglonordic. It was in the conversations over coffee, the animated exchanges in the networking lounges, and the chance encounters in the bustling corridors that connections were forged, ideas sparked, and partnerships were born.

As the conference drew to a close, a sense of collective achievement and optimism was in the air. The overwhelmingly positive response from attendees underscored the significance of Anglonordic as a catalyst for progress in the life sciences industry. As delegates bid farewell to London, they carried with them not just memories of a remarkable event and a renewed sense of purpose and possibility. With 2025 on the horizon, one thing is abundantly clear, the best of Anglonordic is possibly still to come.

This summary was originally written by BioPartner UK for NLS magazine No 02 2024, out May 2024


Key Statistics

400 Registered Delegates

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