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Cytel acquires SDS Life Science and SDS MedteQ

The US company has announced an agreement to acquire SDS Life Science AB and SDS MedteQ AB.

With SDS Life Science and SDS MedteQ supporting more than 100 biomedical sponsors in Scandinavia, in addition to several multinational pharmaceutical companies, the acquisition continues Cytel’s rapid growth into new global markets, the company states in a press release.

”Cytel will help us grow within important strategic segments such as study design and RWE, and we will contribute to develop Cytel within the areas of drug development, regulatory affairs and project management, real-world evidence and medtech. We believe that it will benefit the innovative Nordic life science industry and in the end patients. Together we will become incredibly strong and I look forward to the next step in SDS’s development,” commented Anna Törner, founder of SDS in a press release.

The acquisition will bolster expertise in strategic therapeutic development, states Cytel. It will add new global talent to Cytel’s Strategic Consulting group and bring additional expertise and capabilities for the strategic development of drugs and medical devices. As a result, sponsors will have easier access to a larger, geographically expanded pool of consulting expertise to help them get new therapies to patients faster.

Photo: SDS Life Science