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Danish virologist receives the Hagedorn Prize

Jens Bukh

Jens Bukh has contributed to giving thousands of people a better and longer life through his research within hepatitis C.

Jens Bukh heads the Copenhagen Hepatitis C Program at the Department of Infectious Diseases at Copenhagen University Hospital, Amager-Hvidovre and the Department of Immunology and Microbiology at the University of Copenhagen. Hepatitis C can be cured as a result of his research on mapping the six major genotypes of hepatitis C and developing cell systems to develop drugs to combat the disease. The research has also been ground-breaking for understanding genotypes and treatment resistance and will hopefully one day also result in a vaccine that can definitively eliminate hepatitis C worldwide.

“Jens Bukh’s work has been crucial for developing effective drugs that have revolutionised the treatment of people with hepatitis C worldwide, and his research has formed the basis for developing vaccine candidates that can save thousands of lives. This did not seem possible just a few years ago, but Jens Bukh has helped to change this. That is why he is being awarded the Hagedorn Prize,“ says Pia Nimann Kannegaard, Chief Physician and Chair of the Board of the Danish Society of Internal Medicine.

The Hagedorn Prize is accompanied by DKK 1.5 million and is awarded by the Danish Society of Internal Medicine and the Novo Nordisk Foundation as a reward for excellent research or development efforts within internal medicine in Denmark.

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Photo of Jens Bukh: the Novo Nordisk Foundation