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Enzymatics to Elect Board

Prior to the Enzymatics annual general meeting scheduled for April 21, the nominating committee proposed the re-election of three members of the board of directors and the election of another three. Proposed for re-election are Christian W. Jansson, Marianne Dicander and Anders Jungbeck. New candidates are Monica Wallter, who is the CEO of Lidds; Nils Siegbahn, CEO of Niconovum; and Lennart Nilsson, who will take over Jansson’s role as chairman of the board.

Nilsson is currently CEO of the Crafoord Foundation and has served as chairman of several boards, including those at the University of Lund, Skåne Gambro and Gripen.

None of the proposed members were included in the proposal for a new board filed in February.

 Life Science Sweden