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Idogen to convene major owners for election to Board


Idogen has announced that an Extraordinary General Shareholder Meeting will be convened to propose the election of two new members to the Board of Directors: Joakim Söderström and Niklas Wallett, representing a consortium that owns approximately 17% of the votes.

The election of Joakim Söderström as new Chairman of the Board has also been proposed. Current Board members Leif G. Salford and Lennart Svensson have yielded their positions and their removal from office has been proposed in conjunction with the election of the two new Board members. Current Chairman of the Board Agneta Edberg will remain on the Board.

The Board of Directors of Idogen have concluded discussions with a new grouping of principal owners that wishes to promote the company’s long-term development and two of their members have therefore been proposed for election to the Board. If the Extraordinary General Shareholder Meeting resolves in accordance with the proposals, the Board of Directors after the Extraordinary General Shareholder Meeting will consist of Joakim Söderström (Chairman), Niklas Wallett, Agneta Edberg, Christina Herder and Sharon Longhurst.


“We see Joakim Söderström and Niklas Wallett as a welcome future addition to the Board, and we are very pleased that representatives of Idogen’s principal owners wish to be part of developing the company,” says Chairman of the Board Agneta Edberg.

Joakim Söderström and Niklas Wallett

“With its ground-breaking technology platform in cell therapy, Idogen is undoubtedly one of the most exciting companies in biotech today. I am certain that with its three fields of therapy, a strong patent portfolio and an innovative form of treatment, this company will revolutionize today’s treatment of autoimmune disorders and prevention of organ rejection in transplants – something that will be of great value for both patients and shareholders,” explains Joakim Söderström, the proposed new Chairman of the Board.

“I am very much looking forward to playing an active role on Idogen’s board, and I believe it is extremely important for the company that major owners like Joakim and I are involved in Idogen’s future development. My involvement in Idogen is for the long term, and my extensive experience of the capital market and networks will greatly benefit the company. I expect to be able to contribute know-how in investor relations and communication with the market. Idogen has been conducting research for years and is now at last in a phase where the company is ready to commence its first clinical trial,” says Niklas Wallett, proposed Board member.

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