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Lobsor Pharmaceutical’s Lecigon granted market authorization

Parkinsons disease

The Swedish Medical Products Agency has granted the company’s new treatment system for patients with Advanced Parkinson’s Disease market authorization.

Lecigon is a pharmaceutical gel formulation containing a combination of levodopa/carbidopa and entacapone for continuous infusion into the small intestine through a newly developed lightweight pump. US market entry is under discussion and meetings are being held with the FDA. The current worldwide market for intestinal infusion based on levodopa exceeds USD 400 million in sales over the past 12 months, with an annual growth of > 30%.

“The current treatment, which was first commercially introduced in 2004, serves patients well. However, many are struggling handling the current pump due to its size, weight and cumbersome operation. Our team has in-depth previous experience of developing Parkinson´s disease treatments based on continuous infusion of pharmaceuticals into the small intestine via a pump and we have devoted a great deal of time and effort to overcome all these three hurdles in Lecigon. In addition, the new patented pharmaceutical preparation increases the bioavailability of levodopa thereby reducing the overall dose and volume of levodopa making the system both smaller and lighter, with maintained clinical efficacy,” said Ulf Rosén, Founder of Lobsor.

A collaboration agreement has been signed with NordicInfu Care for support during development and for marketing Lecigon in the Nordic countries. Lobsor is currently exploring various future options for further development of the business.