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Nordic projects to develop new knowledge about COVID-19

Andrea Ganna

Four new collaborative clinical projects will use health data to learn more about the virus.

A total of 26 grant applications were submitted under the COVID-19 call issued by the Nordic Trial Alliance (NTA) for the mid-April application submission deadline. The grant applications have now been assessed by the NTA working group based on the criteria set out in the text of the call and the objectives of the NTA, including Nordic added value.

“The field of applicants was very strong, and we are pleased that there is so much interest in Nordic collaboration on COVID-19. We are aware that there is a great need for funding in this area, and NordForsk was therefore joining forces with Nordic funders and Estonia and Latvia to announce a short-deadline call for proposals for projects using health data research to generate more knowledge about COVID-19,” says Maria Nilsson, Special Advisor at NordForsk.

Promote Nordic cooperation

The NTA was seeking projects that promote Nordic cooperation on COVID-19 research activities. Examples of relevant activities include strategic workshops, networking activities, knowledge transfer, coordination of national initiatives, including trials, and more. The activities must strengthen Nordic cooperation by providing concrete results and enhance the global knowledge base on COVID-19.

Four projects awarded funding

The following four projects have been awarded funding to carry out COVID-19 research activities:

– Establishing the Nordic node of the COVID-19 host genetics initiative
Project Leader: Andrea Ganna, FIMM, Finland

– Is severe COVID-19 associated with altered long-term cognitive function? (ASSESS-SHOCK3-COVID)
Project Leader: Johanna Hästbacka, University of Helsinki, Finland

– Merging the four Nordic ICU registries for epidemiological research of critically ill COVID-19 patients
Project Leader: Hans Flaatten, Haukeland University Hospital, Norway

– ACE/ARB-COVID-19 – A Nordic population registry study of ACE inhibitors/ARBs and SARS-CoV-2 infection severity
Project Leader: Marte Helene Bjørk, University of Bergen, Norway

The Nordic Trial Alliance

The Nordic Trial Alliance (NTA) is a project under NordForsk with the aim of facilitating clinical research collaboration between the Nordic countries. The NTA project, which runs through the period 2017–2021, is funded under the Nordic priority project “Cooperation for Better Health”, which was initiated in 2017 when Norway held the Presidency of the Nordic Council of Ministers.

Photo of Andrea Ganna: FIMM