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Nordic Stars presented at Nordic Life Science Days

The four hosts of the international business meeting Nordic Life Science Days presented five corporate organizations highlighted as shining examples in the life science industry.

The Nordic Stars 2013 was:

–  Danish Star: Expres2ion Biotechnologies, a start-up company that, in less than 3 years, has established itself as world leading within protein production in stably transfected Drosophila Schneider-2 cells.

–  Finnish Star: Oncos Therapeutics, a privately owned, clinical-stage Biotechnology Company focusing on the development and commercialization of targeted oncolytic immunotherapy products for solid tumors.

–  Icelandic Star: Mentis Cura, a company that has developed electroencephalography (EEG) statistical pattern recognition software to help diagnose and track the process of Alzheimer’s disease in its early stages.

–  Norwegian Star: PCI Biotech, a company with the strategy to commercialize a patented photochemical drug delivery technology for use in therapeutic treatment.

–  Swedish Star: Nanologica, a world leading Swedish biotech company developing and commercializing porous silica for application in drug delivery and purification.

“Throughout the years the Nordic countries remains in the top five innovative countries in the world. This session is at tribute to this power. We are good and it shows”, says Jonas Ekstrand, CEO, SwedenBIO, producer and host of Nordic Life Science Days.

”We in the Nordic countries wish to showcase successful companies and we have each drawn attention to a country’s pride. In Denmark we have voted our representative ExpreS2ion Biotechnologies,” says Sophie Labrosse, Deputy Director at Biopeople, one of the four meeting hosts. “The trade-off was obviously difficult since there are many more good examples.”


The presentations took place at the international life science business meeting Nordic Life Science Days, in Stockholm on Oct 14-15, gathering more than 500 life science business executives from more than 20 countries and an even mix between investors, small innovative companies, big pharma and academia. The conference aims to stimulate growth and prosperity of Nordic Life Science by facilitating more investment, collaboration, partnerships and mergers & acquisition in the region. Over 70 companies and investors will present themselves, and more than 1,000 prescheduled face-to-face meetings will take place during the meeting. The event is hosted and produced by SwedenBIO, and is co-hosted by sister organizations in Denmark, Finland and Norway.