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Orion and CuraTeQ Biologics expand agreement

Virve Laitinen

Orion Corporation and CuraTeQ Biologics have expanded their biosimilar distribution agreement to the Baltic countries.

The original marketing and distribution agreement signed in 2020 covered the Nordics, Austria, Hungary and Slovenia. Under the agreement, Orion will have the right to sell and market CuraTeQ’s biosimilars in the Nordics, the Baltics, Austria, Hungary and Slovenia. All the products under the agreement are still in development or regulatory phases and the launches in Orion territories are estimated to take place in 2023–2026 depending on the success of the development and regulatory approvals.

“We are pleased to further expand our long-term collaboration with Aurobindo and CuraTeQ. Overall this agreement will strengthen Orion’s position as one of the leading generics providers in the Nordics and Baltics as we can make these cost-effective treatments available for healthcare professionals and patients,” says Virve Laitinen, SVP Specialty Products of Orion Corporation.


Photo of Virve Laitinen: Orion