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Pelago collaborates with Sygnature


UK’s Sygnature Discovery will collaborate with Swedish biotech company Pelago Bioscience to provide target engagement assays with Pelago’s patented Cellular Thermal Shift Assay (CETSA) method.

Pelago’s CETSA method enables measurements to be made within cellular systems. For the first time researchers can now measure directly how a compound interacts with its target within the cell and even within patient tissue. Furthermore the CETSA MS method enables the systemic effects of a drug within the cell to be explored, by measuring its impact on up to 7 000 key proteins. Such quantification of the physiologically relevant form of the target in live cells and tissue samples, will accelerate and improve the discovery of high quality drugs.

The collaboration between Sygnature and Pelago will enable more pharmaceutical R&D and biotech companies to incorporate CETSA within their drug discovery process, and will allow the development new and better drugs more quickly and cost-effectively.  Specifically, the collaboration will effectively facilitate the integration of CETSA assays for hit confirmation, lead profiling and biomarker discovery in Sygnature projects. Likewise, Pelago customers will have the opportunity to access the full value chain service portfolio at Sygnature.


“We are excited about the opportunity of adding our CETSA target engagement quantifications to projects in the Sygnature portfolio” said Dr Michael Dabrowski, CEO of Pelago Bioscience. “This collaboration, with a UK based service provider will enable more CETSA data to benefit existing and new customers.”

“The CETSA platform is a valuable addition and highly complementary to our own assay platforms and capabilities,” said Dr Paul Clewlow, Senior Vice President, Business Development at Sygnature Discovery, “We believe that the CETSA platform can be rapidly integrated and deliver detailed target engagement information to our clients to inform their discovery programs.”