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Poll: Drug Price Debates to Increase

The results of BioSpace’s second Biotech Temperature Poll show that most respondents believe drug companies will be struggling to negotiate drug prices in 2015, as displeasure over high price tags starts to affect cancer drug pricing as well.

The majority of respondents believed that drug makers will need to provide discounts in exchange for exclusivity, but they disagree over the amount of those discounts. On that point, 29 percent of respondents said any discount would be 20 percent, 26 percent said it would be 30 percent, 18 percent said it would be below 30 percent, 15 percent said it would be above 10 percent, while 13 percent said it would be 10 percent.

The majority of the respondents in the poll were from the United States, representing 87 percent of the 136 participants. Three percent were from Canada, while the rest hailed from a variety of countries including Sweden, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Ireland, Switzerland, Lebanon, Portugal and the United Kingdom. Three percent of respondents declined to identify their country of residence.