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Recipharm and LIDDS establish industrial manufacturing capabilities

Labeler_inside_1 Photo Recipharm

Recipharm and LIDDS have together set up a manufacturing line for LIDDS’ novel prostate cancer drug, LiprocaDepot, at Recipharm in Solna.

The manufacturing line is dedicated to the first product based on LIDDS’ NanoZolidtechnology. Clinical trial material has already been produced and the facility is ready for future commercial manufacturing of Liproca Depot or other pharmaceutical formulations based on the NanoZolidtechnology. The manufacturing line has been adapted for GMP production and is industrialised according to a unique process invented by LIDDS, involving the installation of novel equipment that is new to the pharmaceutical industry.

”We are proud of having reached this important milestone in the development of a new product allowing improved therapy for a serious disease. This has been achieved by the hard work and close collaboration of experts at both LIDDS and Recipharm. LIDDS is a very innovative company and it has been extremely rewarding to work with the team,” says Torkel Gren, General Manager of Recipharm’s facility in Solna.


”With the successful manufacturing performed at Recipharm, LIDDS can offer license agreements for Liproca Depot with the advantage of having validated production in place, saving both time and money for pharma companies. In addition, we now have an established manufacturing facility ready for other NanoZolid projects,” says Monica Wallter CEO of LIDDS.