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Simsen Diagnostics and Orion Corporation collaborate

Simsen Diagnostics is announcing a new collaboration with Orion Corporation during a First-in-Human Phase I study to evaluate Orion’s drug candidate, ODM-212.

The primary objective of this Phase I study is dose escalation to determine the optimal dosing regimen for ODM-212. The trial will include a heterogeneous patient population with various types of advanced solid tumors.

Simsen Diagnostics will employ its Simsen Personal solution, built on the Simsen-Seq platform. Simsen Personal is designed to monitor circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA) with exceptionally high sensitivity, the company states. This process involves analyzing the patient’s tumor to identify genetic variations, which are tracked over time through simple blood samples. This personalized and highly sensitive cancer monitoring technology can aid in identifying relapse or remaining disease, evaluating treatment efficacy and facilitating understanding of disease.


Simsen Personal provides precise and reliable results to Orion’s study, that will guide the dose escalation process and enhance understanding of ODM-212’s therapeutic potential, describes the company. This collaboration aims to advance the development of innovative cancer treatments by leveraging the expertise and technologies of both Simsen Diagnostics and Orion Corporation.

“Finding good biomarkers for cancer research and therapy is very difficult. ctDNA has been shown to be one of the most promising new biomarkers in the field. We are very excited about the collaboration and looking forward to the results of Simsen Diagnostics’ high sensitivity platform,” says Orion’s clinical biomarker expert Tarja Ikonen and ODM-212 project leader Satu Juhila.

Photo: iStock