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Zelluna Immunotherapy and Glycostem Therapeutics announce collaboration agreement

Zelluna Immunotherapy and Glycostem Therapeutics have announce that they have entered into a development, license and supply agreement.

This collaboration will focus on the development and manufacture of allogeneic TCR guided NK-cell therapies (TCR-NK’s) for the treatment of patients with cancer.

“This partnership between Zelluna and Glycostem represents a critical milestone in Zelluna’s aim to transform cell therapy treatments by enabling more patients to be treated effectively, rapidly and safely. It is the industry’s first commercial development partnership of TCR-NK cells for treating cancer aiming at the rapid translation of our proprietary TCR-NK approach,” said Miguel Forte, CEO, Zelluna. “Zelluna selected Glycostem as a partner for the delivery of TCR-NK therapies for their expertise in NK-cell science, GMP manufacturing and clinical testing of NK-cell products. The development of TCR-NK programs will run in parallel to Zelluna’s autologous TCR-T development programs, including its lead autologous T-cell product entering the clinic next year. Zelluna’s vision of cell therapies continues to be autologous and allogeneic products delivering much needed patient benefit.”

Zelluna will lead the development and commercialization of TCR-NK products

Through the partnership with Glycostem, Zelluna is enabling its TCR-NK approach with the potential to target a broader repertoire of tumor associated antigens by targeting NK-cells with TCRs for treatment of patients with solid cancers, it states. Zelluna will lead the development and commercialization of TCR-NK products with its TCRs and TCR development competence. Glycostem will contribute by manufacturing clinical grade umbilical cord derived NK-cells, NK-cell expertise, product process development, and clinical and commercial supply. Zelluna and Glycostem will be able to manufacture upfront a large number of patient doses to store and ship to clinical sites upon demand in an “off-the-shelf” manner, they state.

“We are very proud to be collaborating with Zelluna, a transformative TCR cell therapy company to jointly develop allogeneic TCR-NK products for the benefit of hard to treat patients. This partnership will enable Glycostem’s NK-cells to deliver increased efficacy against solid tumors in a TCR-NK product using Zelluna’s TCR targeting mechanism,” said Troels Jordansen, CEO, Glycostem. “This is further confirmation of the significant interest in NK-cell products and an external validation of Glycostem’s abilities which supports our commercial and scientific ambitions; taking cellular immunotherapy to the next level.”

Photo of Miguel Forte: Zelluna