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Addvise signs agreement


ADDvise subsidiary Sonesta and Surgical Tables, with most of its operations in North America, has signed an agreement with AlphaPro, a Lebanese distributor for sales in the Middle East and North Africa.

These are new markets for both Sonesta and STI. The agreement opens for new international sales and are in line with the company’s ambition to establish the two companies product lines in new markets.

“North America and especially the Middle East are markets which in recent years have shown a strong purchasing power for both mobile examination table and products for urology and gynecology. We are very pleased to have signed a contract with just AlphaPro, who is a distributor with good contacts in the current market and with extensive experience in this type of sales,” says Erland Pontusson, Senior Vice President ADDvise Group.


The agreement is expected to reach 4 MSEK, during the years 2016 -2017.