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Capitainer to collaborate with the University of Florida

The company has entered a collaboration agreement with Timothy J. Garrett Laboratory, College of Medicine, University of Florida.

Dr. Tim Garrett is one of the leading experts and an authority in the US when it comes to applying mass spectrometry within the area of metabolomics and its clinical applications. He has a huge network of collaborating partners including clinics at UF and externally, states Capitainer in its press release.

Pave the way for broader use of the qDBS technology in clinical diagnosis

The aim with the new collaboration is to accelerate method development and pave the way for broader use of the qDBS technology in clinical diagnosis. There is a shortage of clinical laboratories and methods for microsamples collected at home, and the initiated collaboration will accelerate the development of necessary laboratory tools, states the company.

In the collaboration, Dr. Donald H. Chace, Capitainer’s representative for North Americas will also bring his experience when it comes to analyzing dried blood spot, covering Neonatology, Clinical Chemistry, Newborn Screening, Mass Spectrometry and Forensic Science as well as his lab’s resources to the table. This, combined with Garrett’s access to a network of clinics for collaboration will, Capitainer believes, create the ideal foundation for new testing method development and validation within clinical diagnostics.

“I have known Tim now for the better part of ten years, discussing clinical chemistry, metabolomics, and participating in short course, lectures and education clinical chemistry and science in general. Now we can together put our ideas into action, developing then validating new clinical analysis in areas of screening, diagnostics and metabolomics research starting at the 1st Step. A new, improved, more precise, protected dried blood spot,” says Dr. Chace.

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