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Lundbeck joins Real World Data consortium

The company has become a partner of EHDEN, a private-public partnership that is building a large-scale, federated network of data sources standardized to a common data model.

Lundbeck now joins the 11 public partners, and 12 industry partners, adding our expertise, resources, and support in creating an ecosystem for working with real world data across Europe, it states in a press release.

Promoting and expanding an open science community

To date, EHDEN’s Data Partner network includes 166 data sources from 27 countries with >630 anonymous million records that are being mapped to the OMOP common data model. These Data Partners are supported by 47 certified small-to-medium-sized enterprises from 19 countries who assist the Data Partners with their data mapping. The project is already generating real world evidence that has been published in more than 60 publications, and has helped improve treatment in multiple diseases, including in COVID-19.

EHDEN is also committed to promoting and expanding an open science community, and to this end, runs the open and free training resource – the EHDEN Academy that has had more than 2,500 enrollees from 60 countries globally.

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A 5-year neuroscience research programme

Lundbeck will work with project partners on health data science, evidence generation, developing EHDEN’s sustainability, and supporting neuroscience in Europe and the world via a 5-year EHDEN-driven neuroscience research programme.

“Joining the EHDEN Consortium is a great opportunity for us to support the development and the sustainability of Europe’s federated health data network, an important asset in translating forefront science into transformative treatment outcomes. The open science and collaborative research promoted by EHDEN aligns well with our practices to reach our goal of being premier in neuroscience,” says Johan Luthman, Executive Vice President, Research & Development, Lundbeck.

Photo of Johan Luthman: Lundbeck