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Qlucore adds another cancer diagnostics area 

Carl-Johan Ivarsson

The company has announced a new collaboration in the field of precision diagnostics to develop solutions for improved clinical diagnostics of bladder cancer.

Bladder cancer is the third classifier model co-operation launched by Qlucore in the area of solid tumours.

Cooperate with Lund University

Combining Qlucore’s expertise in bioinformatic software and cancer diagnostics from Lund University, this partnership will develop and clinically validate so called classifier models for bladder cancer that can be used in the AI-powered machine learning based solutions Qlucore Diagnostics and Qlucore Insights. The objective is to obtain a CE-mark for Qlucore Diagnostics, states the company.

“This cooperation with another leading group will add a new disease area to the Qlucore suite of solutions and increase the uptake of molecular diagnostics for cancer,” says Carl Johan Ivarsson, CEO at Qlucore.

Senior scientists at Lund University, Professor Fredrik Liedberg and Professor Mattias Höglund have worked with solutions for gene expression-based classification of bladder cancer for many years and developed “the Lund Taxonomy” for bladder cancer classification – a new and improved system to classify patients into molecular subtypes with clinical value based on RNA expression analysis.

“The benefits of molecular diagnostics are higher resolution and specificity in relation to standard histopathology”, says Professor Fredrik Liedberg.

Photo of Carl-Johan Ivarsson: Qlucore