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Salipro Biotech and DyNAbind announce milestone achievement

Jens Frauenfeld Salipro Biotech

Salipro Biotech and DyNAbind have announced the achievement of a key milestone from their collaboration.

The collaboration combines Salipro Biotech’s platform technology for membrane proteins with DyNAbind’s DNA-Encoded Library (DEL) technology to accelerate the development of novel drugs for challenging targets. Membrane proteins like GPCRs, SLC transporters and Ion Channels are an important but difficult-to-drug class of drug targets representing the majority of targets in the pharmaceutical industry. However, they are inherently unstable and complex to investigate, making drug discovery a tricky process. “This collaboration set up a comprehensive discovery process to address this and expand the target space to enable pharma partners to develop novel first-in-class medicines,” states Salipro.

“Our Salipro platform technology for membrane proteins combined with DyNAbind’s Dynamic Library technology has opened up new avenues for drug discovery against challenging targets. This marks a significant step towards making the undruggable druggable,” says Jens Frauenfeld, CEO of Salipro Biotech.

The companies have now successfully screened and identified several small molecule compounds that bind to a difficult membrane protein target, they state. Binding has been confirmed via surface plasmon resonance, marking a crucial milestone in the drug discovery process. This development opens up entirely new possibilities for the development of novel drugs against challenging targets such as GPCRs and Ion Channels.

Photo of Jens Frauenfeld: Salipro Biotech