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Sobi collaborates with Biogen Idec


Sobi is planning to include a new preclinical hemophilia project in an agreement with Biogen Idec.

Accodring to an announcement, Sobi has elected to add the preclinical rFVIIIFc-XTEN-vWF fusion molecule to the company’s collaboration with Biogen Idec. The XTEN technology is proprietary to Amunix Operating, Inc.. Biogen Idec and Amunix signed a worldwide license agreement in April 2014.

Under the terms of the new agreement, Sobi will have the right to elect to include the rFVIIIFc-XTEN-vWF fusion molecule in the collaboration. Sobi is required to make a payment to Biogen Idec to include this program in the collaboration agreement. Biogen Idec and Sobi are collaborators in the development and commercialisation of Eloctate(TM) and Alprolix(TM) for haemophilia A and B. Biogen Idec leads development, has manufacturing rights, and has commercialisation rights in North America and all other regions in the world excluding the Sobi territory. Sobi has the right to opt in to assume final development and commercialisation in Europe, including Russia, the Middle East and Northern Africa. XTEN will now be added to this collaboration with similar terms to those of Eloctate and Alprolix.