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HUS, University of Helsinki and Janssen collaborate

HUS Helsinki University Hospital, University of Helsinki, Janssen Finland and Janssen EMEA have agreed on extensive international collaboration.

Its aim is to promote the development of value-based healthcare and to carry out research and development especially related to precision medicines. The agreement enables multi-year projects in different areas of disease treatment. At the beginning of the cooperation, the focus will be on improving the conditions for clinical trials and the treatment of depression, and other jointly agreed topics.

“We are supporting the change towards value- and outcome-based health care, where the actual health benefits of treatment for patients and healthcare service providers is measured. In practice, this means, for example, building relevant outcome-based impact trackers, and shifting the focus from measuring performance to created value,” says Nina Ekholm-Wenberg, Country Director at Janssen Finland. “We focus especially on health challenges that involve significant societal losses, such as long-term sick leave and even premature retirement. The situation is challenging both at the individual and societal levels.”


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Enhance the better use of RWE studies

The collaborating parties will also work together to conduct clinical trials and to enhance the better use of real-life data (RWE studies), in decision-making. In addition to this, the goal is to develop a job rotation model, or talent exchange program between partners.

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“It is great that HUS’s research and development cooperation is expanding with this agreement. In addition to the fact that patients benefit from research-based healthcare development, this kind of international cooperation is also significant in attracting research and development-oriented healthcare professionals to work at HUS, as well as giving aid in retaining the experts already working for us,” says Taneli Raivio, Research Director at HUS Helsinki University Hospital.

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